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Thank you! We will contact you shortly to onboard you

Nots automatically updates your customers on what's happening in your store by sending engaging push notifications to their devices

Trusted by brands world wide

"A new marketing channel for any store."

"Running a store requires high-preforming apps that work well with everything you already have going on your site. Nots is a perfect example of this. A great new marketing channel that shows results quickly to any store"

Anton, Store Owner
"Higher click rates compared to our email campaigns."

"Really incredible tool! integrates quickly and easily, support is also very responsive and always willing to help. Not to mention that the notifications themselves are an excellent way to reach our customers; Higher click rates compared to our email campaigns. Keep up the good work guys!"

Diana, VP Marketing
"We have had almost an 80x ROI on that alone."

"I have been using Nots for a couple of months now and it has been great! Honestly, I haven't really even started sending out my own campaigns, just letting Nots send their automatic push notifications made 80x ROI. You read that correct 80x!! I'm excited to start sending out some custom notifications to my customers!."

Ofek, CMO
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Save time with push notification automations

Retain your customers and generate more orders using prebuilt automations: New products, sales, discounts, customer feedback or create your own flows.

Sell more with an AI powered notification creator

Our AI powered notification creator automatically creates engaging, unique and customized notifications for anything that happens in your store.

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Win customer loyalty
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A true privacy preserving platform

No emails and phone numbers means higher conversion rate and zero spam for your customers.

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Self-Targeting Content

Reduce your customer drop-off by making sure your customers only get the content they really want to receive.

Turn insights into profit

See how your customers engage with your push notifications. Open rates, clicks and following statistics, topic based insights, revenue reports and much more!